Soirée Juin 2016

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Soirée Containers, VMS, Processes… Isolation, Performances, I/O… Comment ces technologies fonctionnent et comment les différencier ?

NB : La conférence est en français.

Everybody is now using virtualization, containers are all the rage today, and microkernels start to gain traction… But how is all this working? How did these solutions come to be? What are the differences between containers and virtual machines? Where and why should you use docker, runc, rocket, kvm, xen, virtualbox, includeOS, rancherOS?

This talk is a full session providing understanding on how these technologies work, how they compare to each other, and how you can put them to work. So, let’s look under the hood, and understand how your system works (hint: it’s not magic). And yes, it will be understandable even if you are not an OPS or an expert. That’s precisely the point.

La soirée sera suivie d'un buffet offert par SERLI, qui sera l'occasion d'échanges avec nos speakers.

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